~MeTaVoLuT1oN~ c-mail: MeTa@c-bAsE.org

c-base resident brainwave technician engineer artist
artificial-intelligence data-mining software-architect

~ c-bAse PiX | www.MeTa-MiNd.de | Open-BCI.org ~

discordian-pope chaos-magick mind-hacker matrix-code-design-guru tantric-kungfu-dao-monk
mobile-electronics-repair-art special-forces wizard-class post-apocalyptic-survivalist
maker-visionary inspiration-distributer chaos-angel invoking-agent

... distributing quality harmonic-quantum-chaos since 1999 ...

- - - -


+ Open-Source Brain-Computer-Interfaces:
Brainwave Neuro-Feedback Hacking with OpenEEG / EmotivPython

+ make your personal big-brother-cloaking cyberpunk-ninja-invisibility
[brainwave] Anti-Surveillance-Cam IR-LED Shades / glasses

+ Yoga & KungFu Mind-Body-Soul-Training Crash-Course
Reverse-Engineered Basic-Principles for new-Aeon Hacker-Guardians.

+ Decentralized Self-Organizing QuadroCopter P2P-Mission-Clouds,
big-brother Drone-Defense and Conversion-Control-Routines.

+ Hacker's Outdoor-Urban-Survival-Training
for safe and free self-directed navigation on human or cyborg worlds

+ Yoga-TaiChi-KungFu Practicioner's Improvised Token-Ring-Inspirational-Session
at Garden Lounge Chill-Space during morning, evening, nights.

+ creative collective Hackspace-Passport Stamp-Development
Web-Of-Trust distributed-hackspace-darknet relations-ambassador initiations

- - - -

if you're interested in things related to the above, make yourself and your interest known.
Workshops/LightningTalks will only happen, if you involve yourself in its organization !
since everybody is eXtremely busy with potentially more pressing issues and chA0s management :-)

event-experience is designed for inspiration and stimulation of new ideas and visions ...
and most likely, hold solely informational-hypothetic imagination-experiment value.

not neccessarily, fully-qualified and all-knowing personel is guaranteed to be available,
nor is it implicitly assumed or expected that "The Truth" can be expressed, or is even desired.

events occur spontaneously, possibly overlapping,
preferably in small dynamic self-motivated groups,

whenever interested and competent entities
suspect sharing the same space-time,
and attempted conversations and activities are anticipated,
to not significantly disturb, concurrently-running event-threads.

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